BarreConcept fitness classes and packages available at our East Kilbride Studio: -


  • Beginner Barre         -       £6.00
  • Intermediate Barre    -       £6.00
  • Advanced Barre        -       £6.00
  • 30 minute Barre        -       £3.00

Class Description:-

Beginner: Students are introduced to the basic movements, positions and methodology of the exercise technique with special attention and time spent on creating good form and safe correct moves. Clients are usually advised to take an average of 5-6 beginner classes before advancing to the next level.

Intermediate: In an intermediate level class, clients are familiar with the technique and are prepared for a faster paced workout with additional variations. Clients from advanced level are also welcome.

Advanced: Students with a strong understanding of the technique will be encouraged to strive for a more intense, vigorous workout. Additional strengthening variations are added to make the workout even more challenging.


Lengthen and Strengthen available classes and packages: -

Prices: -

  • Lengthen and Strengthen               -   £4.50
  • Deep Tissue Tone                          -   £2.50

Class Description: -

Lengthen and Strengthen

Designed to feel like a one-on-one training session, Squeeze Stronger integrates traditional resistance training, dance conditioning, Pilates, and yoga into a graceful, athletic, workout. Using light weights and your own body resistance while performing high-repetition exercise

Deep Tissue Tone

This is a 30 minute full-body workout for when you don t have a lot of time. Using the same routines and techniques but in a concentrated, high-powered workout, you’ll get into shape fast.


Ramona Braganza – 321 Method available classes and packages: -

  • 321 Method – Train like the Stars (55 mins)            -           £4.50

A technique that which uses repetition in three main areas cardio, strength circuit and core exercises. Cardio to burn calories, circuits to strengthen the muscles and a general core workout. There are numerous bouts in the specific areas to reach total body exhaustion and this is where the real changes happen.